Couples wanted for Francs DIY Brides

Wedding planner extraordinaire “Franc” is back!
This time in the role of “Mentor” to brides on a budget.

The series will follow brides and their fiancés as they prepare for their wedding day while being closely mentored by Ireland’s leading wedding expert, “Franc”.

The happiest day of your life can actually be an expensive experience. Franc has come up with a host of ingenious ideas to help brides on a budget feel that they aren’t budget brides. He is going to share his tips and flair with 6 lucky couples to help them create their very own cost effective wedding!

But Do It Yourself, means Do it Yourself!
In his new series, Franc is not the wedding planner but he is going to teach six Brides and Grooms all his “tricks of the trade”, so that they can produce their own unique wedding by doing the work themselves. By rolling up their sleeves and taking Franc’s creative tips on board, the couples will not only get their own unique wedding but will also be able to make a limited budget go further than they could have imagined all because they are going to do it themselves with Franc by their side.

For couples who have been putting off their wedding because of financial constraints or for those couples who haven’t a clue how to create that ‘wow’ factor for their wedding – Franc will dip into his box of wedding tricks to show these couples how by using their imagination, creativity and by enlisting the help of family, friends, neighbours and colleagues, they will be able to make the most of their money to create their own couture wedding.

From stunning second hand wedding dresses to home made cakes to smelted heirloom rings and décor that will blow you away, Franc has the ideas and ‘know how’ that every bride wants and needs, to turn a wedding on a limited budget into an exclusive, stylised ‘dream come true’ event.

As Franc says “you don’t have to look like a budget bride just because you are a bride on a budget”

If couples would like to participate in this new RTÉ series, they must be getting married between July and December 2011.

Download application form here

Great Idea for Stag or Hen Outing

Anyone looking for an exciting, fun and alternative idea for a great Stag or Hen adventure should watch Nationwide next Friday 12th June at 7pm.
Now, you may wonder what in heavens name does nationwide have to do with Stag Nights or Hen Do’s.

One of our clients has informed us that they will be featured on the show. WooHoo!

Go With The Flow River Adventures offer thrilling white water river adventures or quieter river safaris on the River Barrow only 20 mins from Kilkenny or Carlow. A fantastic idea for an adventurous fun filled hen or stag adventure.

You will get to see what they have to offer on Nationwide this coming Friday. In the meantime you can watch this video to see more.

RTE’s Failte Towers looking for someone to propose

A new reality show called Failte Towers on RTE is starting in August. Basically 12 celebrities will run the hotel for 2 weeks without the help of any other staff. Debbie from Adare Productions, the company behind the project contacted me recently to know if I had knowledge of anyone planning to propose marriage in a unique way. So if you or anyone you know is planning to pop the question and would like to be involved in the show click here to find out more.