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With the recent downturn many couples are struggling to find the wedding they really want and truly deserve. Selina O Meara Photography is offering one lucky couple the chance to win a full days photography covering all aspects of your special day.

So, even if the spuds are cold or the band’s out of tune, you will be guaranteed to have a beautiful timeless album, with award winning photographer Selina having captured your special day for you in her unique way.

So if you have a story to tell, or know of someone who you think deserves a break, enter the competition now by emailing: and tell your story. Winner will be announced in July 2011. Winning story may be published.

Beware when booking your wedding photographer

Your wedding photos are one of the highlights of your wedding. They provide a long lasting memory of what should be one of the happiest days of your life. When your own memories fade the photos will always serve as a reminder of that special day. Many wedding photographers in Ireland now seek payment upfront as do most other wedding suppliers. This is understandable as offering credit has it’s own inherent risks.

But what happens if you have paid upfront and get nothing back?

Peter Donegan and his wife got married 3 years ago and have still received no photos from their wedding photographer. You can read more about that here

To avoid this happening to you a happy middle ground should be achieveable. Some kind of half now and the balance when you receive your photo album (or variations thereof) should be the best option to ensure that you get the service that you pay for. The photographer needs to be paid for his/her time and you need to get what you paid for.

The whole business landscape in Ireland has changed dramatically over the past year and I’m sure people are more willing to shop around for the best deal (I’m still not sure why we stopped doing this in the first place). If you don’t get the terms and conditions that you want, move on until you find someone who’ll give them to you.

You don’t pay a builder until the house is built, why should it be any different with your wedding photographer?

Here’s hoping that Peter and his wife eventually get their wedding photos.

Online wedding album

I know, I know, I know. Ok I haven’t been blogging much and I can’t technically use the ‘I’m still new to all this ‘ excuse (which is true by the way but invalidated, I feel, since I first blogged some time ago) but anyhow yet again we have another fantastic offer on

Right you have your photos back from your wedding photographer and have the album sorted out. That’s all well and fine. but how are you going to show it to all those who travelled from far and wide to your wedding day? And you don’t want grubby fingers smudging your photos anyhow! Hows about an online wedding album? If you would like the chance to win an Online Wedding Photo Album for yourself or indeed for someone else as a gift, just click here for more information. What better way to share your wedding photos than online so that your aunt in Australia or your cousin in New York can simply view the whole thing online. You could get your parents or grandparents wedding photos, scan them up and have it converted to a lovely online album as an anniversary gift or whatever. Wow, technology is a fantastic thing isn’t it?

Speaking of technology I happened upon this site recently as well which offers the chance to have your ceremony viewed live over the internet. You just need to convince your wedding videographer to sort it for you. The site is It’s not the only one out there but it seems fairly impressive and is well put together.