The Worst Valentine’s Day Dates

Love it or hate it, it’s almost Valentine’s day and according to a new survey conducted by leading online takeaway ordering service JUST EAT, there are plenty of things that irritate us on this romantic occasion. According to the survey, one of the worst things about going out for a date on Valentine’s day is getting stuck beside a “Couple from Hell” with 30% citing couples who indulge in too much PDA (Public Displays of Affection) as their worst nightmare and 28% stating that those couples, that feed each other across the table as the worst offenders. In addition to this, respondents cited that their date being rude to waiting staff (33%) or talking on their mobile phone for the duration of their date (29.5%) as two of their worst nightmare Valentine’s dates. While Donald Trump 26.5%, Enda Kenny 24% and Katie Hopkins 21% topped the poll as those that Irish people would least like to go on a date with this Valentine’s Day.

When it came to the couple most people would like to share a takeaway with on a Valentine’s double date, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi topped the poll at 38.5%, followed by our very own favourite Irish couple Brian O’Driscoll and Amy Huberman at 26%. According to the survey, one of the best things about being single on Valentine’s night is being able to choose your own takeaway without having to consult anyone else at 42.5%. Singletons also chose Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence as their dream celebrity date this Valentine’s Day.

Marketing Director for JUST EAT Edel Kinane said: “Valentine’s is one of the most popular nights of the year for staying in and ordering a takeaway on JUST EAT. Whether you’re young free and single or in a relationship, nobody wants to risk going to a restaurant on Valentine’s night and finding themselves stuck beside a ‘couple from hell’, trying to show the world how in love they are! Our survey shows that people would much rather enjoy their favourite takeaway dish in the comfort of their own home on Valentine’s night, whether with friends or with their significant other.”

Some of the other findings from the survey highlighted that:

    • 45% considered Sushi as one of the worst takeaway cuisines to order in on a Valentine’s date night in.
    • 42% voted Chinese as the best takeaway cuisine to order in on Valentine’s date night in.

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