Wedding car breaks down and needs a push

I spotted this video which highlights the importance of choosing a reliable wedding car to bring you to and from the church on your wedding day. Of course any car can break down but always try and get a reputable reliable car and chaffeur for your wedding day. Thankfully in the video they got the car going but it could have easily ended up badly. At least now the couple have a good story to tell of what might have happened 🙂

How a Wedding Photographer can create positive word of mouth to increase business

This blog is usually geared towards offering helpful tips to brides and grooms preparing for their wedding. But as many wedding suppliers also read it I thought I’d share an idea with them also.

As we all know a referral from a trusted source is a fantastic way of gaining new business. One very simple way for any wedding supplier to be remembered and possibly talked about by a couple after the wedding is to send a simple ‘Happy Anniversary’ card for their first anniversary.

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary a couple of months ago and didn’t receive one single card from any of our suppliers apart from the Hotel who sent a voucher for a meal for two.

We weren’t expecting any, and the thought hadn’t even crossed our minds that they would. However such a simple gesture would have meant something to us. That it wasn’t just a case of ‘I’ve gotten my money, Thanks and good luck’. I’m not having a snipe at any of our wedding suppliers, they were all fantastic on the day and I would recommend them to anyone. But a year later a lot of people would have to think hard about who they got to do what. A simple card would be a great reminder.

Any supplier could add their own little twist to it to generate further sales; A gift voucher from the Jeweller, Beautician, Florist, Wine Merchant etc.

The wedding photographer and videographer are in a great position however to really benefit. They could easily create a quick little video to share with the happy couple. They’ve already got the footage and photos. Then with the couple’s permission, afterwards it could be uploaded to YouTube, where the couple could share with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and whatever other networking sites they are on.

It is very easy to do. I created one myself using Animoto as a surprise for my wife. You can see it below. She immediately posted it to her Facebook profile.

Now can you imagine if it had been our photographer who created it. Would we have told everyone about it? How great he was? What a fantastic job he had done? Of course we would! He could even have put his details on the end of the video.

My advice to wedding suppliers is simple. Your past customers are one of your greatest resources and will happily refer you to others. Just give them a reason to do it. Don’t just take the money and run just because you won’t be expecting repeat business from them.

Anyhow here’s my video

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Propose Marriage on Live TV?

An Irish entertainment show is seeking someone fun and outgoing to surprise their partner with a romantic marriage proposal live on air! This will truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity to show the love of your life just how much they mean to you and would be an unforgettable start to any marriage! If you, or anyone you know of, would be interested in this fantastic chance to get down on bended knee please contact

Visit  here for more information

Online wedding album

I know, I know, I know. Ok I haven’t been blogging much and I can’t technically use the ‘I’m still new to all this ‘ excuse (which is true by the way but invalidated, I feel, since I first blogged some time ago) but anyhow yet again we have another fantastic offer on

Right you have your photos back from your wedding photographer and have the album sorted out. That’s all well and fine. but how are you going to show it to all those who travelled from far and wide to your wedding day? And you don’t want grubby fingers smudging your photos anyhow! Hows about an online wedding album? If you would like the chance to win an Online Wedding Photo Album for yourself or indeed for someone else as a gift, just click here for more information. What better way to share your wedding photos than online so that your aunt in Australia or your cousin in New York can simply view the whole thing online. You could get your parents or grandparents wedding photos, scan them up and have it converted to a lovely online album as an anniversary gift or whatever. Wow, technology is a fantastic thing isn’t it?

Speaking of technology I happened upon this site recently as well which offers the chance to have your ceremony viewed live over the internet. You just need to convince your wedding videographer to sort it for you. The site is It’s not the only one out there but it seems fairly impressive and is well put together.

RTE’s Failte Towers is looking for a romantic

Are you planning a unique marriage proposal for your unsuspecting partner? You could have a chance to come and stay at Failte Towers, be waited on hand and foot by celebrities and with their help, plan the surprise of her life.

Failte Towers is RTE’s new reality entertainment series of the summer, where twelve celebrities will run Ireland’s only twelve star hotel for two whole weeks. With no back up staff to help, the celebs will be doing everything from changing the bed sheets, to serving paying customers in the bar and restaurant

Picture the scene. You have just finished a scrumptuous meal served and cooked by somebody famous. Somebody famous clears away your empty plates while another famous person tops up your wine. You drop to one knee declaring your undying love while presenting a beautiful diamond engagement ring to your partner. t’s certainly not for the faint hearted, but can you just imagine it! What a tale to tell your grandchildren!

To assist you in your task, we are offering a €500 voucher for a diamond engagement ring from Precious Jewellers in Dublin

Give your proposal a celebrity touch, call Debbie at Adare Productions on 01 2843877 and tell her Derry O Donnell from sent you.

Read more on the RTE website

I got married

Yes indeed I got married, over 2 months ago now, so between everything I’ve kind of neglected this for a while. But I’m back and plan to update, add to and do all sorts of stuff with my blog and dish out loads of free advice on all things wedding and marriage proposal related. have you any tips or advice you’d like to share?

Guest list and seating arrangements

 One of the trickiest parts in any Irish wedding planning is trying to juggle the guest list. Who to invite to the wedding, how to keep track of all your guests, who sent back an RSVP, who to seat where etc. Ideally guests should be seated with people they know or with whom they have something in common. This will lead to an enjoyable time for all. There are numerous websites offering different types of guest list and seating software. Some you pay for, some you don’t. I like the free ones, weddings can be costly enough without adding extra expense. One such free one is  You will need to register with the site to download the software. It doesn’t take long and its free and quiet easy to use.

If you want to just create a simple spreadsheet that you can access from home and at work and invite your partner or other family members, friends etc. to view your wedding guest list, in case you leave someone out you can set up an account with Google Accounts. Your limited in what you can do but it’s handy for just compiling a basic list and you can access it from anywhere with an internt connection. Technology makes things easier, you may as well use it.