New website that helps you save money

Weddings can be costly affairs as you well know. Saving money to pay for your wedding venue, suppliers, honeymoon etc. can put tremendous strain on anybody. The easiest way  to save money is to cut back on expenditure, the easiest way to cut back on expenditure is to monitor your expenses (quick someone tell the Government!).

At the recent Business Camp in Limerick I met with Daniel Hunt, Technical Director of The site allows you to easily record how you spend your money, will notify you when you have bills coming and provides you with easy to understand  graph and reports.

Better still it’s free to sign up! the easy way to save money the easy way to save money

Choosing a song for the first dance

There are so many choices out there with regards to what music you will have played at your wedding, both at the church ceremony and at the reception. In Ireland we do love a good wedding and the choice of music can add to the overall success of the big day.

Choosing a song for your first wedding dance together can be either extremely easy or can lead to disagreements. Sit back, cuddle up to your loved one and listen to some of the tunes on this playlist to give you an idea of where your preferences lie and what song you would like for your first dance.

Click here to go to a site that has a large selection of suggested tunes that you can listen to, that might help in making your decision.

Great Idea for Stag or Hen Outing

Anyone looking for an exciting, fun and alternative idea for a great Stag or Hen adventure should watch Nationwide next Friday 12th June at 7pm.
Now, you may wonder what in heavens name does nationwide have to do with Stag Nights or Hen Do’s.

One of our clients has informed us that they will be featured on the show. WooHoo!

Go With The Flow River Adventures offer thrilling white water river adventures or quieter river safaris on the River Barrow only 20 mins from Kilkenny or Carlow. A fantastic idea for an adventurous fun filled hen or stag adventure.

You will get to see what they have to offer on Nationwide this coming Friday. In the meantime you can watch this video to see more.

Guest list and seating arrangements

 One of the trickiest parts in any Irish wedding planning is trying to juggle the guest list. Who to invite to the wedding, how to keep track of all your guests, who sent back an RSVP, who to seat where etc. Ideally guests should be seated with people they know or with whom they have something in common. This will lead to an enjoyable time for all. There are numerous websites offering different types of guest list and seating software. Some you pay for, some you don’t. I like the free ones, weddings can be costly enough without adding extra expense. One such free one is  You will need to register with the site to download the software. It doesn’t take long and its free and quiet easy to use.

If you want to just create a simple spreadsheet that you can access from home and at work and invite your partner or other family members, friends etc. to view your wedding guest list, in case you leave someone out you can set up an account with Google Accounts. Your limited in what you can do but it’s handy for just compiling a basic list and you can access it from anywhere with an internt connection. Technology makes things easier, you may as well use it.