Guest list and seating arrangements

 One of the trickiest parts in any Irish wedding planning is trying to juggle the guest list. Who to invite to the wedding, how to keep track of all your guests, who sent back an RSVP, who to seat where etc. Ideally guests should be seated with people they know or with whom they have something in common. This will lead to an enjoyable time for all. There are numerous websites offering different types of guest list and seating software. Some you pay for, some you don’t. I like the free ones, weddings can be costly enough without adding extra expense. One such free one is  You will need to register with the site to download the software. It doesn’t take long and its free and quiet easy to use.

If you want to just create a simple spreadsheet that you can access from home and at work and invite your partner or other family members, friends etc. to view your wedding guest list, in case you leave someone out you can set up an account with Google Accounts. Your limited in what you can do but it’s handy for just compiling a basic list and you can access it from anywhere with an internt connection. Technology makes things easier, you may as well use it.